Top 10 Best Condoms Consumer Reports in 2019

When you are thinking of sexual pleasure, you’re probably thinking fun, stress-free with zero worries and you are right. You should be able to enjoy sexual pleasure all of these things should factor in especially in the world we live in now which is why so many companies have come up competing for the best quality condoms in the market. Condoms are a life saver- literally. They protect you from all sorts of diseases and infections associated with sexual activity so that you can enjoy this human pleasure without all the worries normally associated with it. The catch, however, is you probably do not know what type of condom or the brand you should use. We have made this easier for you so the next time you go to the drugstore you don’t have to fumble around like a fish out of water.

Listed of The 10 Best Condoms By Consumer Reports in 2019:

Reviews of The 10 Best Condoms By Consumer Reports in 2019:

1. TROJAN ENZ 36ct Value Pack

TROJAN ENZ 36ct Value Pack

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This is an all-American classic condom brand that you can never go wrong with. The pack comes with 36 condoms inside so you can never run out unless you want to. The condom is made of premium rubber latex for that extra protection, you know it won’t break. The lubrication the company uses is premium smooth for that added feel of comfort and sensitivity so you and your partner have a good time without the awkwardness of dryness or itchiness running and also has a special cap end to protect you and all the condoms are electronically tested so before they get to you, their durability and workability have been put through rigorous testing just so you don’t have to worry about protection. If you are looking for something trusted and classic, this is definitely the way to go

2. Lifestyles SKYN Selection Condoms

Lifestyles SKYN Selection Condoms

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If you won’t have a good time but are worried because you’re allergic to latex condoms, don’t worry Lifestyles SKYN’s got you. With their range of products from their SKYN Original- so far, their best-selling product, SKYN Extra Lubricated with a lube that lasts longer for more sexual experience to SKIN FEEL non-latex and so soft you barely notice you’re wearing any protection and really enhance that sexual experience for you. These condoms are made free of allergenic, non-latex material, therefore, there will be no allergic reactions, just really good ones all the way. These condoms are also made of stretchy material so no matter the size, they will fit you just perfect.

3. TROJAN Stimulations ULTRA RIBBED 36ct Value Pack

TROJAN Stimulations ULTRA RIBBED 36ct Value Pack

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Trojan makes another appearance with their Ultra Ribbed. They have all the advantages of coming from the Trojan family; they are trusted, extra safety measures with the extra reservoir, they are premium lubricated for added comfort and sensitivity and they go through all the tests to make sure they are good for you but also they have an added advantage, they are deeply ribbed along the entire condom to add that extra stimulation and to make sure you experience maximum sexual pleasure. If you are looking for a condom that will simply blow your mind then don’t hesitate, grab your pack and see just what we are talking about.

4. OKAMOTO Ultra Slim Four Condoms 24 Pack

OKAMOTO Ultra Slim Four Condoms 24 Pack

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Okamoto is a worldwide product that’s renowned for its quality. The pack says ‘almost nothing’. This almost nothing latex condoms are so thin that you barely feel it on getting rid of that super uncomfortable feeling sometimes wearing condoms comes with for both you and your partner.Premium thinness with light lubrication so as things get hot and heavy you don’t have to worry about a condom spoiling ‘the moment’ for you.

5. Wine Condoms

Wine Condoms

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These are fun and flirty and claim to be fully re-usable! They come in packs of 6, are a great gift to your partner- if you know what I mean, of course they must love wine. They are not capped and fit so perfectly there’s no chance of a spillage. You thought they were the other kind of condoms too. Try it get your partner this packet and show them and tease them before the big reveal!

6. SHIBARI Premium latex condoms

SHIBARI Premium latex condoms

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This huge pack contains 144 lubricated latex condoms. They are CE 0120 and USFDA approved. They are nice and comfortable to use with their premium lubrication making things go along nice and easy. They almost have no scent but they also don’t come with that lube scent condoms usually come with so they are not uncomfortable to use.

7. Durex Non-Latex Condom

Durex Non-Latex Condom

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This condom has so many good characteristics just from the name alone you feel like going right ahead and buying it. They are made of polyisoprene latex free for those that are allergic to latex and are ultra-thin so you don’t feel them at all for that au-naturelle skin-on-skin feeling that we all love. They are 100% tested so they are reliable and last longer with a wonderful scent and their easy-on shape makes them really easy to don and comfortable to wear. And durex is the #1 condom maker worldwide because they take extra care to make sure they provide you with the best advanced quality condoms.

8. Okamoto CROWN

Okamoto CROWN

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The Okamoto CROWN condoms with a 100 bulk count are really good because they come from a trusted brand name. Like the previous Okamoto condoms, these condoms are lightly lubricated so they don’t feel heavy and sticky. This leading condom manufacturer makes their condoms with the highest technology so their condoms are state-of-the-art produced, strong and sop soft that it almost feels like nothing for that extreme sensuous feeling you’ve been craving

9. Atlas Non-Lubricated condoms

Atlas Non-Lubricated condoms

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Atlas Non-Lubricated condoms are non-lubricated condoms that are often bought by health practitioners for demonstration purposes, for oral sex for those allergic to lubricant and generally if you are allergic to lubricant this is the condom for you.

10. Caution Wear Iron Grip Snugger Fit Condoms

Caution Wear Iron Grip Snugger Fit Condoms

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These are at present the slimmest lubricated condoms available in the market right now. So you want to feel like you’re not wearing a condom just get these babies to help run along things and they will stay on for as long as you want with their snug properties so you don’t have to worry about a condom slipping off.


Condoms have become so important that you cannot do without them, they are a necessary evil now. They protect us from so many bad things; infections and infectious diseases, unwanted pregnancies, you name it but sometimes it is such a hustle going out there because of the stigma that exists and other times there are so many brands, you don’t know which is best for you. Use the list provided; all research has been done to make things easier for you so you don’t have to worry about all that. Worry about making it good and memorable for both you and your partner.

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