10 Best Dog Foods Reviews Consumer Reports in 2019

When you manage to acquire the right food for your dogs, it will take the beginning of a wonderful experience for your dogs. Buying the correct type of food for your dog plays a critical role in ensuring your dog is in good health condition with full of energy during the course of the day and very happy.

We have different types of foods for dogs; each dog requires different types of food in relation to its age or stage of development, the special needs or the health condition of the dog. This simply means that the kind of food that you will be giving to your dog will keep on changing throughout its lifetime. Having this knowledge will play a critical role in maintaining a good quality of life for your dog.

We have different food for dogs available for you. We strongly suggest you go through these top 10 Dog Foods Reviews Consumer Reports that will enable you to choose the correct type of food for your dog.

10 Best Dog Foods Comparision

10 Best Dog Foods Reviews By Consumer Reports in 2019;

1. Taste of the wild

Taste of the wild

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This is a grain free formula that contains sweet potatoes as well as peas. It helps in providing high digestive energy for an active dog. It also made with real roasted meat.

  • Provides your dog with energy
  • It has a great taste
  • It process antioxidants which help in giving your dog a healthy lifestyle.
  • It is well supplemented with fruits and vegetables.
  • Some customers reported that their dogs ended up having stomach upsets after taking it; this is because they have stayed on the shelves for so long.

2. Ziwi peak air

Ziwi peak air

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It is an air dried food that has a lot of moisture. This food is normally safe as well as easy to handle. It is very nutritious and digestible as well.

  • It is free of any kind of antibiotics, the growth promotants and the added hormones.
  • The process of stage air drying helps in eliminating the pathogenic bacteria as it naturally preserves and protects the nutrients in all ingredients.
  • 96% of the food contains meat which helps in supporting the dog’s joint.
  • It is complete and has a balanced diet.
  • It is costly

3. Rachael Ray Nutrish Zero Grain

Rachael Ray Nutrish Zero Grain

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This is a dry food which is of high quality. And it also provides the pet with an average quantity of proteins. It contains a variety of meat and also a range of vegetables.

  • Has a significant amount of met ingredients
  • It does not have grains or by-products
  • It has excess carbohydrates

4. Rachael Ray Nutrish

Rachael Ray Nutrish

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It has a lot of nutrients which helps in satisfying your dogs’ craving in instinctual. The protein content is 30% and has no filler ingredients.

  • Most of its recipes contain real meat as the first listed ingredient
  • It has some sea-based food recipes which help in producing a significant amount of omega -3 fatty acids.
  • Many dogs find this recipe to be very delicious; this is because of the chicken content in it.
  • A lot of these recipes are affordable to the buyers.
  • The recipe lacks pro-biotics
  • No vegetables included in the recipe and the recipe also has some artificial coloring.

5. Diamond naturals

Diamond naturals

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Giving your pet this food is the best thing you can ever do to him or her. This is a super food that contains probiotics which is good for the development of your pet.

  • This food is made for all life stages dogs
  • It has a natural recipe, added vitamins, it also a combination of real fruits and vegetables which are a source of antioxidants, it also has omega 3 and 6 fatty acid which helps in supporting the healthy skin of your pet.
  • It is very rich in nutrients and helps in supporting your pet’s canine.
  • This food is corn and wheat free. In addition, it has no artificial flavors, colors or any preservatives.
  • It has salt and some ingredients that are undesirable.
  • It comes in one size.

6. Blue Buffalo Freedom Grain Free

Blue Buffalo Freedom Grain Free

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If you a person who likes feeding his pet food that has no grains, there is no better option like blue freedom, it is the best natural ingredient you can ever go for.

  • It is delicious and very rich in proteins
  • No poultry by-product meals
  • It does not contain, wheat or cons
  • It lacks artificial flavors
  • It has no grains
  • Some people reported that their pets did not find the food very palatable.

7. Royal Canin

Royal Canin

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This brand produces food that is basically meant for specific breeds; it is formulated to meet the nutritional needs.

  • It has enough antioxidants as well as vitamins needed to maintain your pets’ immune system.
  • It contains fibers that are very proficient in the digestive proteins
  • It contains chondroitin as well as glucosamine which help in supporting your pet’s joints.
  • It is sometimes expensive.

8. Blue Buffalo Wilderness

Blue Buffalo Wilderness

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It is designed for the large breed dogs. To produce the complex carbohydrates it makes use of the sweet potatoes, peas as well as potatoes and it also contains dried yeast.

  • It consists of real salmon, and it is listed as the number one ingredient
  • It does not have any grain
  • It has glucosamine and the chondroitin which helps in promoting the health of the pet’s joints
  • Dogs enjoy the taste
  • For dogs that have a chicken allergy, this is not a good choice for them, and it also has caramel coloring.

9. Merrick Lil Plates

Merrick Lil Plates

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If your pet loves chicken, then you should give this a try. This is because it has a nutrient-rich chicken fat which is a source of energy for your pet.

  • It has DHA which is responsible for taking care of the growing brain of your puppy
  • Promotes joint care
  • Has vitamins K and C
  • Has real chicken
  • It is preserved in a natural way
  • Puppies who are allergic to potatoes cannot consume this

10. Castor & Pollux Pristine Grain Free

Castor & Pollux Pristine Grain Free

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This a food with complete nutrition. It is the only food made with sourced ingredients.

  • It is the only pet food made with complete sourced ingredients
  • Provides sustainable growth
  • Grain and poultry free recipe
  • It is expensive

How to buy a pet food

You should buy a dog food depending on your veterinarian’s advice; you do not want to get food that your dog is allergic to.
  • Monitor the health of your pet; give him or her food that rhymes with his current age.
  • Consider the price; you do not want to go for something which you cannot afford
  • You can as well watch and see if your pet like the food if he likes it, then it is worth buying it.


It is important that you give your dog food that will help in keeping them healthy and one that helps in enhancing their growth. It is also very crucial that you provide them with the food that they will always look forward to eating. You should, therefore, be very keen when choosing your dog’s food; this is because its health is important, you do not want your dog to get sick just because of some simple mistakes of providing him or her with the wrong food.

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