10 Best Driveway Sealers Consumer Reports in 2019

A driveway also needs special care. An important investment in a good driveway sealer is worth protecting. A good driveway sealer protects the driveway from the harsh climate. The rain or the sun or the snow can cause any serious damage to your home. So it is better to protect and seal your driveway before any damage is caused. The very best driveway sealers are also available nowadays at very low prices. These help the customers to keep their driveways safe and cozy. Various different types of sealers are available in the market today. All these sealers are made from materials which have high resistance and durability. Below some of the best sealers for your driveway are listed and described. Best Driveway Sealers Consumer Reports will help you and guide you to select the best sealer for your driveway.

Table of The 10 Best Driveway Sealers By Consumer Reports in 2019:

What is the best cement driveway sealer?

I am listing of the 10 best sealers for your driveway that are available in the market for you to consider and look at.

10 Best Driveway Sealers Reviews By Consumer Reports in 2019

#1. Rubber Waterproof Sealer

Rubber Waterproof Sealer

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This sealer is waterproof. It is made up of liquid rubber material and hence provides extra protection against the harsh climate especially the rain. These are very safe and eco- friendly. The children and pets always stay very safe around these sealers. The sealer is very easy to use. All the necessary instructions are given in the packaging and the cover. One started using it the moment he or she opens the packaging. The product is also very flexible. it contains a membrane with 100% elongation properties. The excess heat or the sun do not destroy the sealer.

It offers very heavy coats of coverage. This ensures extra protection. Certain and special sealers also have bulletproof systems and features.

#2. Armor AR350 sealer

Armor AR350 sealer

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This driveway sealer is very breathable, penetrable and eco-friendly. It is durable, offers great resistance against the UV rays, and extreme hot or cold temperatures. It also adds to the color of dull elements. If the sealer is applied properly, it can last for as long as 5 years of time. Only two recoats are needed to do so. It can easily be used on any types of concrete both poured and stamped. The sealers are great for garage floors, concrete driveways, paver patios, basement floors, stamped concrete driveways or walkways, retail floors, and many more.

#3. 5-Gal. SX5000™ Sealer

5-Gal. SX5000™ Sealer

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This sealer is exceptionally good and offers great durability as well as resistance against the unfavorable climate. It contains the penetrating solvent with water-repellent properties, it contains concrete silicon sealer. This gives your home extra caution.

#4. 250700 Rust-Oleum Sealer

250700 Rust-Oleum Sealer

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This particular sealer restores and protects the surface and maintains even coverage. It is very long lasting. It is best to not apply the sealer in the rainy season. And also it is better if the sealer is not applied if it rains within 24 hours.

#5. Gloss and Semi-Gloss Sealer

Gloss and Semi-Gloss Sealer

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This sealer is very good. It offers glossy texture to driveways and patios. The sealer gives a very wet look which enhances the color of the pavers or patios. This sealer protects the surfaces from the UV rays of the sun as well as the stain, spills, and others. The sealer is applied easily with any sprayer. It can also be applied on any damp walls or surfaces. The sealer is also very environmentally friendly. It covers about 250 to 400 feet with each gallon in every coat. This sealer is very popular for the glossy finish.

#6. EnduraSeal Sealer 100% Acrylic

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This sealer is pure acrylic with 100% acrylic. The sealer offers high performance because of its solvent qualities. It creates a glossy and semi-glossy texture and wet look if applied properly. This is very durable and has a formula which keeps the surfaces from turning yellow. Also, it has a very low odor in it. Thus it is not repellent.

#7. Gardner-Gibson Sealer 7545-GA

Gardner-Gibson Sealer 7545-GA

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This sealer is an essential element for the driveways. It is often used in the hardware glue. This sealer is mainly made in the United States of America. The best feature of this sealer is that it is highly durable and lasts for many years.

#8. Concrete Sealer, 3 LB Pail

Concrete Sealer, 3 LB Pail

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This innovative sealer is very safe. It is effective at the same time due to its oxygenated bleaching and cleaning properties. It is used in the concrete driveways, patios, sidewalks, pavers, garage floors and many more. This is a unique cleaning sealer. It keeps the places clean and toxic free. It is also very safe for the vegetation. It is a solution of powered concentrated cleaning mixtures. It is mainly used in the masonry.

#9. Asphalt Sealer

Asphalt Sealer

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This is the best possible sealer in the market today. It protects as well as prevents any damage. This is available into 4.75 gallons in only 2 packs. No such sealer is available at such a low cost.

#10. Driveway Sealer, Water Repellent

Driveway Sealer, Water Repellent

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This sealer is ideal for driveways. It is manufactured for the driveways only. It offers unique invisible protection to all the surfaces which are concrete. It repels water and is waterproof. But this sealer is not oil repellent. It protects the surfaces from degradation and from cracking. It keeps the surfaces safe and protected from any harsh climate or weather. It is mainly water based. So it is hugely eco-friendly. But as it contains siloxane, it is water repellent. These amazing and useful sealers come with 3 years’ warranty.


Every home and driveways need sealers. These not only give protection and keep the surfaces safe but also offer extra texture and glossy, attractive and appealing looks. These are essential if one wants to protect their driveways from the harsh climate, be it the rain or the sun. Nowadays, many types of sealers are available. You can pick a sealer of your own choice, according to your need. All of these sealers are environment-friendly and do not produce any type of toxic substances. These are also safe around the kids and pets. The best driveway sealers consumer reports list all these sealers as the best available in the market, now. All these sealers offer a long warranty period and come with usage guidelines. They are of very high quality and are available at low prices.

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