Top 9 Best Remote Car Starter Consumer Reports in 2019

Starting the engine of your car remotely when the engine needs to be warm in winter, for example, is now possible thanks to the remote starter system. You can even activate other functions using the remote control or a smartphone application. Let’s discover the possibilities of the remote car starter, whether it is offered as an original equipment or as an accessory.

What elements should I consider when choosing my remote starter?

It is primarily the use you plan to do that will determine what type of remote starter is right for you. What should strongly influence your final choice are the options and features you need.

Type of the starter key

Different types of remote car starters

Three types of remote starters are available on the market, the unidirectional starter, the bidirectional starter and the application-controlled smart starter for smartphones.

Unidirectional starter

It communicates with the car through a simple remote control, up to an average distance of 100 m. This is the basic system that can be added a multitude of options, depending on the use you want to make and the budget you have.

You can add a second remote control, an option of extended range up to 900 m, locking and unlocking the doors, opening the trunk, a locator activating alarm and lights to find your vehicle, a mode to disable the remote start function, and an emergency call connected to the alarm.


  • This is the simplest system.
  • It is also the cheapest.
  • It can be equipped with many options.


  • Its effectiveness is limited without options (distance and other functions).
  • It does not send you information on the effective start of the engine.
  • It can be equipped with many options bringing its price up.
  • It is necessary to check its compatibility with the electronic management systems of the car.

Bidirectional starter

The bidirectional starter communicates with the vehicle and sends you back through the remote control information about the functions you have activated to warn you that they are. Their transmitter (remote control) has a LCD screen, displaying information on the status of your car that allows other functions such as, for example, a time display.


  • It gives you information about the actual engine start and other functions associated with the system.
  • Its range is larger and possibly modifiable in the settings parameters.
  • It can be equipped with many options.
  • It has an LCD screen.


  • It can be equipped with many options bringing its price up.
  • It is necessary to check its compatibility with the electronic management systems of the car.

Recommended products

1 KeylessOption Keyless Entry Remote Start Control Car Key

KeylessOption Keyless Entry Remote Start Control Car Key

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This security alarm system is 3 channels with 2 remote controls . Includes fail-safe starter kit and indicator for the board with bright red LED light bulb.

Easy to install and compatible with almost any vehicle brand. With more than 500 customer reviews, this security alarm is one of the best sold by Amazon . Both remote controls work with two AA batteries. This Remote Car Starter has other features such as, driving monitoring in case of imprudent driving as well as engine performance. It is even possible to make certain settings on this alarm so as to alert you, in case of loan of the car to another person, if it had to leave a specified area or which would exceed a limited speed.

The KeylessOption Keyless Entry Remote Start Control Car Key is very appreciated by most of its users. Especially since its application is free. It is very simple and effective and gives all satisfaction. It is possible to hide it in the car thanks to an OBD extension. Its guarantee is 2 years.

2 Click & ADD Viper 5706V 2-Way LCD Alarm & Remote Car Starter

Click & ADD Viper 5706V 2-Way LCD Alarm & Remote Car Starter

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Alarm system for unidirectional car, 3 channels with 2 remote controls with 4 buttons. It has anti-theft function and panic alarm with light and 6-tone siren.

Park your vehicle wherever you want and feel safe with this alarm system. In addition to the built-in features, you can add remote starter and GPS tracking. The model is quite simple and is equipped with a siren that engages at the first shock. It also plugs into the battery, under the hood. It is equipped with a remote control in order to be able to deactivate it in the event of a false alarm.

3 Start-X 2.0 Remote Starter

Start-X 2.0 Remote Starter

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System with 2 4-button transmitters: panic mode, alarm silencer and safety sensor. It has a two-tone 120dB system and a built-in lighting system.

The Start-X 2.0 Remote Starter automatically locks the doors 5 seconds after the car is turned on and unlocks when it is turned off. It also has two auxiliary outputs on which other functions can be activated such as turning on the headlights, turning on the engine automatically and raising the windows.

It is provided with a manual which may seem complicated to understand for some. However, it remains one of the best deals for those who do not want to ruin themselves in this kind of device.

4 Viper 5706V 2 Way LCD Remote Starter

Viper 5706V 2 Way LCD Remote Starter

Buy now from Amazon →

The Viper 5706V 2 Way LCD Remote Starter package includes two remote controls for your keychain and due to the low overall price, it is especially recommended as an entry-level alarm system.

The system can be coupled in such a way that it is automatically activated when the central locking system is closed, and by interchangeable coding the cloning of the signal during sabotage attempts is reliably counteracted. Of course, the matching siren is also included in the delivery and with a volume of around 120 dB, this is not to be missed.

The bottom line is that various functions of the vehicle can be well controlled with the radio remote controls and the function of the system proved to be good. However – you should remember – the alarm system can not be installed by a layman. If you do not know how to clamp such a system, this must be done by a professional or a specialist workshop.

5 CompuSTAR CS700-AS Car Alarm & Remote Starter System

CompuSTAR CS700-AS Car Alarm & Remote Starter System

Buy now from Amazon →

With the CompuSTAR CS700-AS Car Alarm & Remote Starter System all functions can be reliably controlled with the supplied wireless remote control. The volume of the siren is very good at 120 dB and quickly deters a bicycle thief. The camouflage as a lamp, the device is also not immediately revealed as an alarm system, which provides additional security. The operation of the system is very simple, because even with a small vibration or vibration of the wheel triggers the system. Pushing away the bike is therefore impossible with the alarm on.

Inside the system, a battery is used, which can be fully charged via USB within about 1 to 2 hours and then holds up to 15 days at a time, without having to be charged. The assembly – ideally under the saddle – is very easy with the supplied mounting kit and of course the complete housing is waterproof. Bottom line, the device works as it should and the price-performance ratio speaks for itself. If you are looking for a good and cheap bicycle alarm, you will get your money’s worth here.

6 EASYGUARD EC002-NS PKE Passive Keyless Entry Car Alarm System

EASYGUARD EC002-NS PKE Passive Keyless Entry Car Alarm System

Buy now from Amazon →

EASYGUARD EC002-NS PKE with GPS plotter without connection or remote control alerts you remotely to any anomaly detected. The device synchronizes with an application on your phone to alert you if there is suspicious activity. In case of vibration or remote start, you receive a notification directly on your mobile phone. For this, simply connect the device to the OBD port of the car, an installation that is carried out in 30 seconds.

It has very good opinions from the users. Simple but effective, the free application specially designed for the auto alarm works perfectly. You can hide the device with an OBD extension. Finally, there is a 2-year manufacturer warranty and after-sales service with positive comments from customers.

In addition to alerts, the EASYGUARD EC002-NS PKE tracks your engine’s performance and other specific features such as careless driving, sharp turns, dangerous acceleration, sudden braking, and more. You can even set it to warn you when a driver exceeds a specified speed or leaves a specified area. So, if your teen learns to drive, you can monitor his driving habits and find out where he is.

7 Avital 3100LX 3-Channel Keyless Entry Car Alarm

Avital 3100LX 3-Channel Keyless Entry Car Alarm

Buy now from Amazon →

If you are looking for a car alarm that sounds easy to assemble, the Avital 3100LX 3-Channel Keyless Entry Car Alarm model is an excellent choice. The installation takes only a few minutes: just connect the siren to the battery with the plus and minus under the hood. At the slightest shock, the siren Avital 3100LX 3-Channel Keyless Entry Car Alarm is triggered automatically for 30 seconds.

User reviews have not reported a nuisance tripping or an alarm that sounds alone. A second protection is present through a pressure sensor to be inserted into the cigarette lighter socket. Finally, the alarm is delivered with 2 not too big remotes that slip into a pants pocket.

8 Fortin – EVO-CHRT4 – Stand-Alone Add-On Remote Start Car Starter System

Fortin - EVO-CHRT4 - Stand-Alone Add-On Remote Start Car Starter System

Buy now from Amazon →

If you have a very limited budget, the Elegiant auto alarm is an interesting alternative. This is a fairly simple model equipped with a siren that triggers after a shock. It must be connected to the battery and use the remote to turn it on and off.

The price is unbeatable for this entry-level alarm. It’s up to you to see if it’s worth saving a few euros, it’s still my third choice in this comparison.

9 Scytek GALAXY 5000RS-2W-1 5 Button 2 Way Combo Car Alarm

Scytek GALAXY 5000RS-2W-1 5 Button 2 Way Combo Car Alarm

Buy now from Amazon →

When you install the Scytek GALAXY 5000RS-2W-1, simply download the smartphone app from the remote starter brand to your phone. You can then adjust the start of your car according to the weather, to have many information on the status of your car: location, locking of the opening, GPS location in case of theft, etc.

Scytek GALAXY 5000RS-2W-1t remote starters use GSM phone networks and WiFi, allowing you to be in constant “contact” with your vehicle and have virtually unlimited range. Attention, the remote start system offered by the car accessories dealers are not compatible with cars equipped with starter cards, these electronic keys without metal part or a hands-free system.

Remote car starter function and operation

The remote car starter is an electronic system that allows the engine of a vehicle to be started by radio waves without being on board and without using the ignition key.

It can be used in different circumstances.

Activate the alarm system

Depending on the features and functions available or activatable through options, it can also adjust the distance from which you start your car, as well as activate and deactivate the anti-theft alarm system, unlock the doors, trunk or tailgate, activate alarms for accidental impacts to which your parked vehicle could fall victim, or even a panic mode triggering alarms to draw attention to your vehicle in case of aggression.

Some systems may remind you to pay the parking meter when your parking time has expired. You can also activate your car’s alarm system on a huge car park to identify it among the others.

Activate the air conditioning

The most common remains its use in extreme weather conditions. In extreme cold, it allows the engine to be heated in order to limit or even eliminate the engine’s heating time in order to run at optimum performance. The remote starter can also, depending on its options, activate the air conditioning system to warm up the car’s interior and defog and defrost the windows, or cool it during hot summer weather.

Features of remote car starters

Integrated systems originally fitted to automobiles by their respective brands, such as those offered by automotive accessories dealers, share the following technical characteristics:

  • an electronic starter module;
  • one or two remote controls;
  • the wiring of the kit.

The high-end kits also include the following accessories:

  • a bypass;
  • a neutral switch for vehicles with a mechanical gearbox .

About installation of engine starter

When installing the engine starter in the car, you can start the engine from a remote place, it is also beneficial to be able to keep the temperature inside the car and the burden of the engine at the time.

On the other hand, the idling time may be long and the fuel consumption may be reduced. Those who use cars only on weekends do not need to worry too much, but people who use cars frequently need to be careful as the burden on gasoline will increase.

Also, be careful when installing it on an older model car because there are disadvantages such as heavy load on the battery when you use the engine starter frequently, or difficulty noticing abnormal sounds and malfunctions of the engine.

When installing the engine starter in the car, it is necessary to apply various wiring such as a harness and a ground wire. How to install varies depending on the car model and the product, but basically it is not so difficult, so if you have some knowledge you can implement it in about 30 ~ 60 minutes work.

However, for installation, you need to play with important parts of the car such as control panel and power box. In that case, if you misunderstand a bit of wiring, in the worst case, the car may break down and it will not move. Therefore, if you install it yourself, let’s work after understanding that it is self-responsibility even if something goes wrong.

Those who are not good at machines or who are uneasy to install themselves will need some labor, but we also recommend that you ask dealers or dealers who can install with confidence.

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