Top 10 Best Toilet Paper Consumer Reports in 2019

The Best Toilet Paper consumer reports can be deceptive because they make it seem like buying toilet paper is a simple process. In truth, there is a lot to consider when selecting the appropriate brand of toilet paper.

You need a strong firm product that won’t fall apart at the most inconvenient of times. However, no one likes toilet paper with a rough and harsh texture. You need a product that provides a perfect balance of attributes.

Fortunately, the list below makes your choice much easier by exploring the best toilet paper brands and products the market has to offer. They include:

#1Viva Choose A Sheet’ TP

Viva Choose A Sheet’ TP

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The biggest draw of this product is its cloth-like texture which ensures durability, allowing you to clean everything from spills to smudges without worrying about inconvenient tears.

Even though it is tough enough to prove effective for cleaning surfaces both inside and outside one’s home, this toilet paper is also soft, boasting an absorbent quality that keeps it strong.

#2Charmin Ultra Soft TP

Charmin Ultra Soft TP

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This Charmin product stands out from its predecessors because it is twice as absorbent. That means you do not need to fold or bunch it multiple times to use it. Environmentally friendly, the product also provides five times more sheets.

That means you have an ultra-strong, amazingly soft roll of toilet paper that will last a long time. The fact that it is also clog and septic safe is an added advantage.

#3Presto Ultra-Soft Amazon Brand Paper

Presto Ultra-Soft Amazon Brand Paper

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This toilet paper promises to deliver the perfect blend of strength and softness. The tissue is not only septic-safe but it also leaves far less lint behind than many of its premium competitors.

The fact that its ingredients are acquired using environmentally friendly methods should put environmentally conscious individuals at ease. Thicker than usual and resistant to tears, this Presto toilet paper is definitely a class apart.

#4Cottonelle Cleancare TP

Cottonelle Cleancare TP

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Cottonelle takes pride in its toilet paper’s ability to use it’s strong but soft texture to clean hard surfaces effectively. Boasting a unique wavy pattern, the product comes out ahead when it is compared to the leading national bath tissue brands in the areas of thickness and integrity.

Easy to flush and boasting mechanisms that combat bacteria that cause bad odors, this product will leave your behind and your sewers smiling.

#5Angel Double Roll TP

Angel Double Roll TP

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Boasting between 120 and 270 sheets per roll, which is more than most premium brands avail, this toilet paper is softer and more absorbent than its predecessors. This is despite not being too thick or bulky.

You need not worry about the product clogging your pipes. Made from pulp fiber and devoid of any dangerous additives, the toilet paper supposedly has a pair of soft shield layers that will maintain its integrity even when it gets wet.

#6Scott Tissue with a Thousand Sheets Per Roll

Scott Tissue with a Thousand Sheets Per Roll

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If you are tired of making frequent TP and paper towel purchases, it might be time to invest in some Scott tissue. Each roll of Scott TP has a thousand sheets. That means it is a cost-effective investment for a large family.

The sheets break up very easily and are unlikely to exert stress upon your home’s septic infrastructure. It doesn’t matter how much Scott TP you use in your household, you need not worry about clogging your toilet.

#7Georgia Pacific Bathroom Tissue

Georgia Pacific Bathroom Tissue

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This is what some people might call a Middle of the Road’ product. The toilet paper is neither terrible nor amazing, just adequate. You are guaranteed decent levels of softness, thickness, and durability, not to mention absorbency.

The product shines primarily in its ability to exceed the expectations of the EPA guidelines.



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Panda is toilet paper and that means it is soft. However, its makers have also made it strong enough to work as bath tissue, thick enough for any cleaning purposes you might have in mind.

Much larger and, hence, longer lasting than the average roll of tissue, panda will leave you feeling clean and comfortable. The fact that it is septic-safe and also made using eco-friendly methods should put many people at ease.

#9Quilted Northern Strong/Soft TP

Quilted Northern Strong/Soft TP

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Known for its 2-ply softness and yet strong enough to prevent tearing and ripping, this product is one hundred percent biodegradable. Designed to disintegrate at a faster rate than many of its competitors, the tissue is easy to flush.

You need not worry about your sewer and septic infrastructure suffering under the weight of clogging. Quilted Northern has spent decades making quality TP and this product proves it. With the average roll boasting over 150 sheets, you can trust this tissue to treat your wallet with care.

#10Aria Premium Eco-Friendly TP

Aria Premium Eco-Friendly TP

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Made using quality material and sustainable manufacturing methods, this strong 2-ply TP is three times stronger and thicker than other popular recycled brands. Aria cares about the environment, which is why they have such strong tree-planting campaigns and have chosen to use organic packaging.

Their septic and sewer-friendly toilet paper are as soft as a pillow and long lasting while boasting the sort of texture that will leave you feeling clean and confident.

Most people do not appreciate how much their choice of toilet paper matters until they invest in a roll of scratchy, rough TP only to realize how discomforting the wrong brand of toilet paper can be.

It isn’t enough for a roll of TP to treat your body with care. The right roll of Toilet paper will also leave your sewer and septic systems free of stress. This is why so many brands these days emphasize toilet paper that is not only soft and strong but biodegradable and easy to flush.

You need a brand of TP thick enough that it doesn’t require excessive folding. It must be strong enough to stand up to the pressure of the purpose to which it has been applied. But it is just as important for a brand of toilet paper to disappear without making much of a fuss once you flush your toilet. Fortunately, the brands of TP mentioned above provide a decent balance of all the attributes you might require for your particular needs.

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