10 Best Walkie Ta​lkies for Kids

The fun of speaking in the radio phonetics language has never gone away, even though it is no longer the preserve of the armed forces. There is no better gift to a kid than the best walkie talkie for kids. In addition to using it to roleplay ops, the radio devices can still serve other purposes.

Why kids need walkie talkie

– Cultivates creativity: during role play, kids develop their cognitive skills to come up with ideas. They can enhance their creativity since they don’t have to abide by the real world rules.

– Enhance social skills: when kids play with others, their social skills are enhanced. Kids learn to use their skills when role-playing, therefore, helping them in general development.

Encourages teamwork: since role-playing requires a team, the kids will develop their team playing skills.

Enhances problem-solving skills: since different scenarios during playing present different challenges, the kids will learn how to solve emergent problems and communicate effectively.

How to choose best Walkie talkies for Kids?

Range: The biggest feature when shopping for a new walkie talkie is its range. Your kids will want to play cops and run distances apart, hence the importance of range.

Durability: You know kids, they will run around, knock their toys on objects and drop them on the ground more often than you can imagine. Get them something that will last.

Sound quality: since walkie talkies work on radio frequencies, a poor signal may disrupt the sound. The sound quality should be excellent to minimize the interference.

Design: kids love colorful things that are easy to hold and use. Get them attractive walkie talkies with excellent visual appeal.

#1. Little Pretender Walkie Talkies
The Little Pretender has three channels and can go as far as 2 miles for long distance play. It is loaded with features like a built-in flashlight, LCD, a belt clip, and call alert display. Its sound quality is crystal clear and has a child-friendly design. It fits comfortably into the little hands, and its push-to-talk button is uncomplicated. It is lightweight and durable, making it resistant to wear and damage.
#2. Retevis RT628 Kids Walkie Talkies
This walkie talkie has few buttons and is easy to use. The kids cannot accidentally change the channels, once you chose the channel, you can lock the keypad. It has a clear LCD and an easy to set channel configuration.
#3. Kidzlane Durable Walkie Talkies
The set of two walkie talkies have a range of 2 miles and can operate on any of the three channels. It is easy to use and will get your kids hooked to role-playing cops. The batteries will last 9 hours on standby and up to 3.5 hours of continuous use. Its playful design will make any kid to love the toy.
#4. Spy Gear – Video WalkieTalkies
The spy gear has a quick, easy setup and allows two-way audio and visual communication. The kids will see their friends on the LCD. It does not use any data or Wi-Fi to transmit; the radio communication can go to a range of 160 feet allowing the kids space to play around. It can act as a hidden camera for remote spying on the other side. The walkie-talkie folds into a compact piece for storage.
#5. Marvel Spiderman Homecoming FRS
The Spiderman walkie talkie is easy to use so the kids can adjust volume and play with the device without any assistance. The cool Marvel Spiderman character makes the toy unique and stands out. Make any story and play with friends. It is the perfect gift for a Spiderman fan.
#6. Disney Frozen Chill ‘n’ Chat Anna & Elsa Character FRS
The walkie talkie is designed for use by girls.it features Disney characters to appeal to the little ones. Using right from the box is easy. Help the princess enjoy playtime with her friends using this perfect gift.
#7. Walkie Talkies for Kids Mini
The walkie talkie has great sound quality for clarity during communications. It has a great range of up to 3 miles allowing for a greater play distance. It is lightweight and durable even for the roughest of kids.
#8. Kids Walkie Talkies, Rheshine Rechargeable
Get your kids playing using this wonderful walkie-talkie. The included batteries can support play for up to 4 hours and takes only 1-2 hours to recharge fully. There is no need to press the PTT button to communicate. The gadget can support 22 channels PMR system. It can be used indoors and in outdoor activities like in a shopping mall, camping trip, and summer camp and can strengthen parent-child communication. It can work as far as 3km from the other.
#9. FAYOGOO Kids Walkie Talkies
The walkie talkie is designed in a kid-friendly manner with excellent grip, size, and portability. It is durable enough to withstand a 1.2-meter drop. It has a 4-mile range in the open field and around 1-mile range in the woods or residential areas. It has 22 channels and 38 privacy codes with an auto squelch system that cuts off weak or unwanted transmissions. It has a built-in flashlight, LCD backlight, and power saving functions.
#10. Walkie Talkies for kids
The walkie talkie has a small and lovely design, making it best suited as a gift for the children. It is made of durable material and is very lightweight even for a four-year-old. It can operate up to 3 km in open fields. The sound quality is excellent, and its LCD is bright enough.


There are plenty of factors to take into consideration when shopping for the best walkie talkies for kids. Go for the best combination to brighten your kids day with this as a gift. The developmental benefits of playing with a walkie-talkie are immeasurable. Consider features like battery life, range, aesthetics, sound quality, and durability. The best walkie talkie will make your kid happy as they play with friends around the block.

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