Top 10 Best Window Cleaner Consumer Reports in 2019

All types of windows are subjects to a wide spectrum of oil, food products, dust, cosmetics, and even dirty hands. These fragile surfaces require ultimate care when cleaning. That is not enough though; it requires robust cleaning agents to eliminate all visible evidence of a mess and germs without leaving traces of distracting streaks. Window cleaner is one of the right solutions you will require in daily window cleaning life.

Using the right window cleaner often leaves your windows (or mirrors and other glass surfaces) shinier, no scratches, and with a pleasant smell. It ultimately removes all dirt, stains, dust, and any other unwanted marks. That said and done, there are hundreds of thousands of these products currently available in the market. While that is great news for consumers who hype for wide product selection, it posse another critical challenge. Which is the best cleaner to choose? If it is your first time buying these products, you will really have a daunting task picking one product from a pool of hundreds! So, what does the consumer reports say about the best window cleaners in 2019? Well, based on customer satisfaction, here below is a review of the top 10 products to consider in your next purchase:

1. Sprayway Glass Cleaner SW-050-12

Sprayway Glass Cleaner SW-050-12

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If you are looking for a powerful window cleaner that will dissolve grease, dirt, and grime leaving your surfaces streak-free and clear in a matter of seconds, then Sprayway Glass Cleaner SW-050-12 is a perfect choice. The ammonia-free product has active restorative and cleaning agents as well as clinging form that attracts or break down whatever it is on the surfaces. It does not require any rising! Since it doesn’t leave behind residues/streaks, you can use to clean tinted car windows. It also contains a reasonable amount of perfume-grade alcohol to leave a fresh scent after cleaning.

2. Invisible Glass Premium, 19 Oz 91164 Glass Cleaner

Invisible Glass Premium, 19 Oz 91164 Glass Cleaner

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Are you out there looking for the right cleaning solution of your car’s windows? Yes, the perfect product is a specialty glass cleaner called Invisible Glass Premium. Unlike other cleaning products that drip down onto the car’s dashboard, this product is a fine-mist no-drip spray. It does not contain foams, soaps, dyes, or scents, and it cuts through bird droppings, road grime, salt spray, smoke haze, bug splats, and other forms of dirt leaving windows without any streaks or residues. Besides that, it is ammonia-free; thereby one of the safest products for cleaning tinted car windows. As the name suggests, it comes in a 19 Oz aerosol, which makes its application simple and easy, giving users full (whether professionals or ordinary person) control over the amount to use.

3. Glass Plus 32 Oz fl Bottle Glass Cleaner

Glass Plus 32 Oz fl Bottle Glass Cleaner

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If you are looking for a cleaner that can clean windows as well as other glass surfaces (like mirrors, computer screens, Plexiglas, fiberglass, or even clear plastic), then Glass Plus 32 Oz may be a perfect choice. It is an ammonia-free formulated solution, and so it can be used to clean tinted glasses without leaving any residues or streaks. It is pretty simple and straightforward to use it: just spray the dirty surfaces and wipe out with a lint-free cloth or a dry paper towel.

4. Ettore Squeegee-Off 16-ounces 30116, Window Cleaning Soap

Ettore Squeegee-Off 16-ounces 30116, Window Cleaning Soap

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If you are looking for well-formulated window cleaning soap for cleaning outdoor windows, then Ettore Squeegee-Off 16-ounces is the perfect option. The 16-ounce concentrated soap is biodegradable, and it is, therefore, environment-friendly. It is also safe for use on tinted window glasses because it is ammonia free. It contains patented ingredients that easily cut through and dissolve tough dirt, grease, and grime even before they are wiped off. The cleaner also guarantees streak-free results.

5. Windex Original Glass Cleaner 23 fl Oz with Trigger Bottle

Windex Original Glass Cleaner 23 fl Oz with Trigger Bottle

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When it comes to window cleaner, most customers think of Windex, which is a trusted and reliable brand that has been brightening and lightening homes with a sparkling clean experience for many years. Indeed, Windex Glass Cleaner 23 fl Oz with Trigger Bottle does not disappoint at all, as it cut through all kinds of grime and dirt. The cleaner comes in a 23-ounce bottle with an easy-to-trigger handle. This cleaner finds its application in many household glass surfaces. The ammonia-free solution cleans tinted and non-tinted glass windows removing smudges, smears, and fingerprints in a matter of seconds. The overall result is a clear and clean glass with an unbeatable streak-free shine.

6. Stoner Reach & Clean Tool-95161

Stoner Reach & Clean Tool-95161

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If you are planning to clean outdoor windows and you want something that can reach windows above your head, then an ergonomic cleaner will be the best fit. In light of this, therefore, Stoner Reach & Clean Tool is a perfect choice because it contains an easy and fast auto-detailing tool. It comes with two reversible, reusable, and washable microfiber bonnets as well as mesh storage bag. It is ergonomic in the sense that it has a flexible triangular pivoted head that adapts effortlessly to curved surfaces. It is, therefore, suitable for cleaning tall windows and windshields.

7. Puracy Natural All-Purpose Household Cleaner

Puracy Natural All-Purpose Household Cleaner

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As the name suggests, Puracy Natural All-Purpose Household Cleaner is a master of all household cleaning chores. The 25-ounce bottle cleaner can clean safely any kind of hard surface (windows included) without streaking. It is formulated from natural ingredients, and so it is safe to use for everyone. That is to say, the biodegradable and non-toxic cleaner is safe for pets, children, and every other household surface. The product is effective in getting rid of grease, finger/footprints, grime, adhesives, laundry stains, and tree saps among other types of dirt. The liquid cleaner has a pleasant vegan scent to leave surfaces with a fresh smell.

8. TriNova Premium Mirror & Glass Streak-Free Cleaner

TriNova Premium Mirror & Glass Streak-Free Cleaner

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TriNova Premium Mirror & Glass Streak-Free Cleaner is the ideal solution for washing away grease, dirt, sap, smudges, bugs, and grime among others from all glass surfaces including car windows and motorcycle windshields. Therefore, if you want to drive with confidence and clarity, then you can use this cleaner all kinds of dirt. It is highly applauded because it leaves no traces on windows and other glass surfaces. In other words, it is a streak-free solution. This cleaner also offers an easy-to-use experience, just spray it on the glass surface, allow the solution to work, and wipe away it off using a dry cloth or towel. TriNova is non-toxic and biodegradable.

9. Shine Society Window Cleaner

Shine Society Window Cleaner

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If you are finding streaks, smudges, or fingerprints impairing a clear view of side windows/windshield, then perhaps you need to consider changing your cleaner. It is time to try out the Shine Society Glass cleaner for your windows. The 18-ounce bottle solution is designed with an anti-streak formula, thus users can achieve that clear and clean glass. Besides removing the common dirt (grime, grease, oil, and others), this product goes a notch higher to remove 99.9 percent of bacteria and germs sitting on the glass surfaces. The fact that the product is formulated from natural ingredients means that it is safe for use, even in places where there are pets and children. It is ammonia-free, implying that it can be used to clean both tinted and non-tinted window glasses.

10. 3M (088-88) Glass Cleaner

3M (088-88) Glass Cleaner

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If you are looking for a product that can clean all your household glass surfaces, then the 3M Glass Cleaner is the perfect match. It also finds applications in interior plastic and automobiles window glasses. This is because it does not drip down when applied on the surfaces. This product boasts of a streak-free formulation, which means it yields sparkling and shining surfaces. Its ingredients are specifically formulated to cut through stubborn stains, grime, and grit on windows and windshields. The 19-ounce bottle cleaner presents a simple and easy to use experience, users only need to spray the solution on the glass, and then wipe off after a few minutes.


While ten products have been explained herein, the truth of the matter is that they are more than that as depicted in consumer reports. However, one thing that you need to note is that all these window cleaners come user-friendly and handy package perhaps designed to speed up the cleaning process. Besides that, they do not contain offending or harmful chemicals like ammonia and would not leave haze, streaks, or even unpleasant smells on the surfaces. Since you have known some of the 2019 best window cleaners, choosing the solution that best suits your needs is now a breeze.

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